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Ejacutrol Review: A real solution or misleading crap?

Is it possible to control premature ejaculation using Ejacutrol? We also had this same doubt, and for this reason, we wrote this review.

Ejacutrol Review: A real solution or misleading crap?

No man wants to ejaculate prematurely, but unfortunately, it does happen, and it actually happens a lot. This is one of the reasons that there are so many kinds of premature ejaculation medications and treatments that have been created and sold on the market.

These treatments span from any and all chemicals and herbs and come in many forms like pills, patches, powders, and lotions. Unfortunately, a lot of these medications do not work, or only work, as well as the man using it, would hope.

premature ejaculation pills

The closest that thing that has ever given adequate results is premature ejaculation lotions, but all these lotions do is numb the penis so that it does not feel too much, and hence will delay ejaculation.

The fact that the man cannot even really feel the pleasure of having sex just misses the entire point of using premature ejaculation medication in the first place, hence these lotions are not considered useful at all.

What is Ejacutrol & How Does it Work?

Ejacutrol is a kind of premature ejaculation medication that works when you want it, where you want it. It comes in pill form and is made up of a formulation of powerful herbs and other natural substances, and it can give a man the hardest and longest erection he has ever had, and best of all, he gets to keep it for as long as he wants!

Ingredients that makeup Ejacutrol’s formula

The secret is in the potent herbal extracts that are found in its formula, more specifically St. Johns Wort, White Willow Bark, Passionflower, and Cordyceps Sinensis extract.

One of the major things that Ejacutrol has going for it is the presence of the Cordyceps Sinensis extract in its formula, which had a very interesting introduction to the world. Cordyceps has many known uses, and it has been around for years and years.

Originating from Asia, more specifically Nepal, China, Thailand, Japan, and Korea, it was when three female Chinese athletes broke three world records in 1993 that the rest of the world saw the amazing effects of Cordyceps firsthand. As a part of a premature ejaculation medication, just imagine what it can give to your performance in bed!

Advantage of Ejacutrol

One other advantage of Ejacutrol is that you need not include it in your daily regimen. For those of you who hate having to take many pills on a daily basis, then this is just perfect for you. All you need to do is to take the pill one hour before you do the deed.

So if for example you are on a date and you really want to impress your date, and you are sure that you can close the deal that very same night, just make sure to take the pill an hour before you get to your or her apartment. By the time you need to get it up, it will be up and it will be up hard!

Ejacutrol for premature ejaculation

Ejacutrol is the only premature ejaculation medication on the market today that has real and believable statistics. Other brands out there claim to have 95% to 99% effectivity, which is simply the percentage of people who have been able to get a sustained erection once or twice with their use of that product.

Ejacutrol has been able to get more than a 70% success rate with the men who have used their product. Those are more than 70% of men who never again have to deal with premature ejaculation, all thanks to this amazing product. The men belonging to the 95% from statistics released by other products are only going to end up here in the end, anyway!

So if you want to keep your erection up in the middle of hot and heavy sex, drop all the other kinds of medications now and stick to Ejacutrol!

Getting rid of premature ejaculation by natural means…

Getting rid of premature ejaculation

Today, more men are coming forward with the problems of premature ejaculation. They experience early unintended ejaculatory responses with minimal stimulation, leading to unsatisfactory sex and frustration for the individual and the couple. This disorder needs to be handled sympathetically and couple therapy is essential.

Many techniques and medications are available for judicious application. Although commonly affecting younger men, we are seeing older men developing the inadequacies as well. The following article will help you understand the basics of premature ejaculation. It also includes some really proven and helpful hints and tips on how to naturally improve or completely control the issue.

What is premature ejaculation?

Premature ejaculation can be defined as a condition in which a man has an orgasm shortly after sexual stimulation begins. He, therefore, cannot control ejaculating before he and his partner are ready. This can be embarrassing to a man and can leave his partner feeling unsatisfied.

Some natural tips to control premature ejaculation

  • Concentrate on your enjoyment of the sexual activity. Worrying about controlling your ejaculation may lead to erection problems or loss of interest in sex.
  • Talk to your partner about the problem. Even if you feel you ejaculate too quickly, your partner may be satisfied.
  • Avoid rushing through foreplay as your partner may not have sufficient stimulation or may feel rushed.
  • Increasing the frequency of ejaculations, perhaps by masturbation, may help control ejaculation and may increase the amount of semen ejaculated.
  • Sometimes medication or numbing gel can help with premature ejaculation.

Do herbal supplements help overcome premature ejaculation?

If chosen wisely and selected carefully, safe & effective male health supplements will not only help you resolve the problem of premature ejaculation but will also successfully address other serious issues such as a tiny penis, lack of sperm count, reduced semen quantity, and low-grade sexual activity.