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Provacyl Review: How does this Testosterone Booster really work?

Provacyl promises to reverse andropause, increase your testosterone levels and improve your sexual health. But the big question is: How is he able to perform all these functions?

Provacyl Review: How does this Testosterone Booster really work?

Everything and everyone grows old – that’s a fact. If females go through menopause, males have to endure andropause. They experience a sudden dip in sex drive and poor erection quality. Men undergoing andropause don’t get the same energy that they used to have when they were younger. It’s harder for them to lose weight and their work performance decreases, especially with aching joints. Hair begins to thin and wrinkles start to appear.

Men at this stage generally begin to experience depression, irritability, and sadness. Naturally, they want to fight andropause and feel young again.

Fight Andropause and Feel Young Again

Menopause is a stage wherein women cease to have their monthly periods due to hormonal changes. It should be noted that hormones like estrogen and progesterone play an important part in triggering the onset of a woman’s menstruation.

But did you know that even men can experience menopause?


Men also suffer from similar symptoms that women often associate with menopause. These could occur from 45 to 70 years of age among men. The process may differ a little from the menopause experienced by women because it involves a slow process of decreased testosterone production.

A clear sign of low testosterone levels is decreased sex drive, depression, difficulty in sleeping, and hot flashes. Male menopause also referred to as andropause can trigger all these physical and mental changes because of the drop in hormonal levels.

Fortunately, there are male enhancement supplements like Provacyl to address reduced testosterone levels.

As men begin to age, the production of their youth hormone (HGH) and testosterone levels begin to decrease. Regular intake for a minimum of 3 months will turn back the clock and get the production of these hormones pumped up again.

But even in as little as 30 days, the significant effects will already be felt. You will feel an overall increase in energy. Also, you will be more mentally alert. You will have more energy to exercise and it won’t be difficult to lose weight and tone the muscles. Sex will not be a problem anymore because Provacyl can naturally increase the sex drive.

What is Provacyl & How Does it Work?


Provacyl is a kind of health supplement for men that can increase their sexual drives and activities. This supplement is different from the other kinds where they focus on increasing the blood flow to the male sexual area. Increasing blood flow to the penis leads to an erection which is why when these supplements increase the blood flow, there is also a greater erection for the person.

With provacyl, they have instilled a different concept. This supplement is different from the others because it has Human Growth Hormone or HGH that increases the hormone production for males especially when they are already in their andropause stage.

Provacyl literally gives these men a new life by adding more hormones that can make them happier and can increase their sexual desires. Because of these hormones, they will be able to get more activities done and it can help in leading them to a healthier and happier life.

What are the advantages of using Provacyl?

  • Enhances Sex Drive: An effective formula, Provacyl when used daily as instructed not only increases your libido but also gives you a powerful long-lasting erection with a deeply satisfying orgasm – helping you to enjoy impulsive sex once again.
  • Increases Energy Levels: The ingredients present in this natural supplement not only increase energy levels but also help to enhance memory and aids in developing focus. It also renders improved sleep and helps men to have better mental clarity.
  • Reduces Physical signs of Aging: Using this supplement daily will help to reduce your wrinkle, increase your lean muscles, and physical stamina and make your bones stronger with enhanced bone density. It will also restore your hair, diminish all the thinning hair issues, strengthen your nails and reduce almost all the physical signs of aging.

An effective natural formula, Provacyl is the most excellent supplement that not only helps you to stay healthy and fit but also rejuvenates your sex life by stimulating virility and achieving a firm erection!

Provacyl Ingredients

ingredients in Provacyl formula

Provacyl is a product that’s packed with several carefully selected, high-quality ingredients. Provacyl has gone through tests and procedures and passed them with flying colors, a fact that can be proven with the Certificate of Analysis.

5 Main ingredients in the Provacyl formula

  1. L-Glutamine – This amino acid is responsible for cell growth and metabolism. Other functions include increasing immunity, boosting energy levels, and decreasing blood pressure as well as cholesterol.
  2. L-Arginine – A semi-essential amino acid known for its vasodilating effects for increased flow of blood. This ingredient is important for increased endurance and enhanced male fertility, a common problem for men as they grow older.
  3. L-Tyrosine – Another hormone that is needed by the thyroid gland for regulating metabolism and growth is thyroxine. By taking Provacyl, men can also benefit from L-Tyrosine because of its capacity to reduce depression and fatigue.
  4. Gingko Biloba – This ingredient functions more than just your memory enhancer. It contains compounds that improve the flow of blood in the vessels, an important aspect of the treatment of sexual difficulties.
  5. Tongkat/ Long Jack – From the extract of the Tongkat tree native in some parts of South East Asia, this ingredient works as an aphrodisiac so that the libido is heightened. It is also known to increase the level of testosterone.

The best way to get a comprehensive picture of the effects of Provacyl is to take a look at each ingredient.

Provacyl Ingredients: Amino Acids

Provacyl has L-Glutamine, L-Arginine, L-Lysine, L-Glycine, L-Tyrosine, and GABA.

  • Your body uses Glutamine when it is under stress. It’s responsible for cell division and growth as well as muscle maintenance. It’s also needed for mental alertness and metabolism. Supplements with Glutamine have been proven to improve cholesterol levels, blood pressure, and immunity. It also decreases the risk of contracting arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, and other degenerative ailments.
  • Arginine is important in Provacyl because it can increase your HGH levels thrice as much, to give you better exercise performance. It’s also known for burning fat, enhancing fertility, and improving immunity against cancer.
  • Lysine, also an immunity booster and genital function, enhances the benefits of Arginine.
  • Meanwhile, Glycine stimulates the pituitary gland to produce more HGH.
  • Tyrosine is essential in producing thyroxine, a hormone that fights off depression and fatigue. Thyroxine also stimulates metabolism.
  • GABA (Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid) is a neurotransmitter that enhances the production of HGH. It also benefits the nerve impulses across the synapses.

Provacyl Ingredients: Herbs and Plant Extracts

Provacyl has Gingko Biloba, Muira Puama, Chaste berry, Acai Fruit, Panax Ginseng, Swedish Flower Pollen, Long Jack, Soy Phytosterol Complex, and Soy Phosphate Complex.

  • Muira Puama is an Amazonian shrub that has been used to remedy erectile problems and enhance libido. It’s also used as a supplement for stress management.
  • Gingko is an Asian plant that enhances memory, so it’s used for Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. It’s also known to cure sexual difficulties by enhancing blood flow.
  • Chaste berry is a plant that grows in Africa and the Mediterranean. It is an effective tonic for the reproductive system, as it increases testosterone levels.
  • Acai fruit, known as a superfood, is rich in antioxidants to fight off signs of aging and diseases.
  • Panax Ginseng, a plant native to Eastern Asia, is a Chinese herb that is used in treating insomnia, depression, fatigue, and mental stress. It can also boost the immune system and libido.
  • Tribulus Terrestris has been a cure for infertility and erectile dysfunction problems in parts of Europe and Asia for decades already.
  • Swedish flower pollen is a good source of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids for energy, prostate support, healthy urine flow, liver protection, and cholesterol regulation.
  • Soy phytosterols are plant fats that can reduce cholesterol levels, improve urine flow, and regulate insulin production.
  • Soy phosphate complex uplifts mood wipes away depression, enhances mental function, and protects the liver.

Provacyl Ingredients: Hormones

Provacyl has anterior pituitary, DHEA, and hypothalamus. The anterior pituitary effectively releases HGH and alleviates signs of aging. DHEA is naturally produced by the adrenal glands. DHEA protects men from heart disease and boosts their immune systems. It’s also known to enhance energy levels. The hypothalamus is known to control emotional behavior, regulate body temperature, and facilitate the secretion of growth, thyroid, and sex hormones.

These key ingredients along with other elements combine together and make an effective modus operandi that has been very significant for men against andropause.

Where to Buy Provacyl

The best place to buy Provacyl is from the official website itself. The website offers a Diamond Package, where you get 3 bonus gifts for only $32/month.

Provacyl is a male enhancement supplement that is proven to solve problems associated with decreased hormonal levels. By purchasing this product, men can improve not only their sexual performance but also their overall mental and physical well-being. You can avail of Provacyl and enjoy a 90-day, money-back guarantee as well as other bonus gifts.

Customer Reviews and Feedback

Reviews and Feedback

Provacyl is one product that is receiving positive feedback from consumers because of its effectiveness. The Provacyl pill is taken twice daily for a period of six months to maximize its effects. This product is proven to work as a male enhancement pill because all the ingredients that are included in it have been proven by science to affect sexual fitness. Another reason for Provacyls high ratings among users is its lack of harmful side effects.

Does Provacyl really work?

The product has undergone clinical tests to ensure that all the ingredients included in the supplement work as claimed. Aside from that, Provacyl has received high customer satisfaction ratings because as a testosterone booster, it has the capacity to counteract the symptoms of male menopause.

Provacyl for Men

For the male populace wondering what is Provacyl, this supplement is recommended for men who want to counter the effects of aging and menopause. This daily supplement naturally induces the production of testosterone which gradually slows down as one ages.

Conclusion: Feel Like a Man You Used To Be!

Provacyl is a natural supplement composed of nutrients, herbs, peptides, and amino acids that not only helps in hormone rejuvenation but also treat male menopause or andropause that is found in aging men. Medically proven, the natural elements stimulate the production of Testosterone, DHEA, estrogen, and HGH in the male body and help to maintain virility and energy naturally without facing the side effects of hormone replacement therapy.