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Provestra Review: How does it increase libido and reduce menopausal symptoms?

This review will tell you everything you will need to know about Provestra how it works, what its ingredients are, and what clinical studies say about it. All of these pieces of information will help you find out if Provestra lives up to its promise of enhancing the sexual desire, arousal, and sensitivity of women suffering from female sexual dysfunction.

Provestra Review: How does it increase libido and reduce menopausal symptoms?

Perhaps, you’ve been in this situation: you’re feeling sexy and hot on this very night, and you would love to have raw and unabashed sex with your partner. He wants it, you want it, and then you just have a romp in the sack.

But, as you are having sex, you find that your sexual drive has gone down, and you don’t feel like having sex anymore. Sex is somehow a waste of time and you end up ruining the night for yourself and your partner.

This situation is relatively common, and women should take note of this situation. It is very normal for women to have a moment when they don’t feel like they’re sexual, and that’s okay. But what’s not okay is when they try to hide this situation under the covers and they end up not finding a cure for it.

So women who are experiencing this situation should seek ways to find a cure for this normal, yet sexually depriving situation.

To understand female sexuality your sexuality better, here are a couple of reasons why a woman’s libido or sexual drive drops to a halt. Moreover, here is a supplement that women can use to restore their sexual drive and increase their sexual performance.

Here are some of the most important things you should know before adding this supplement to your shopping cart.

What exactly is Provestra?

Boost Your Libido & Relieve Symptoms of Menopause

According to research studies, around 46% of women admitted that they were unsatisfied and unhappy with their sexual performance. Most of them find it hard to feel sexual arousal or experience orgasms, which eventually wreak havoc on their romantic relationships.

Provestra paved the way toward exciting and pleasurable sex through its safe, herb-based aphrodisiacs, nutrients, and herbs. Together, these ingredients can help women enjoy frequent and satisfying sexual activity.

Provestra appeals to most women because of its ability to boost sexual appetite, lubricate the vagina, and increase sexual sensitivity all at the same time.

Despite the accusations of the Provestra scam, it also proves that it can automatically reduce the intensity of period pain, boost energy levels, and produce muscle contractions that can lead to multiple orgasms. As the best solution for vaginal dryness, it can keep your vagina moisturized to ensure that pleasurable sex can happen anytime.

Getting to know the Provestra supplement

Provestra is a natural supplement that is aimed specifically at correcting the imbalances found in the woman’s body that are causing her to not want sex, much less enjoy it.

Provestra is a 100% natural proprietary blend of so many amazing ingredients that you are going to get lost in just trying to learn them all.

But in the end, all you need to know is that these natural ingredients are all working together to make sure that the chemicals inside your body are all balanced so that your sex hormones can stimulate you to want and enjoy sex again.

It is also packed with aphrodisiacs so that you can fully enjoy your sex life with pleasure.

CharacteristicVerified information
NameLeading Edge Health: Provestra
CategorySexual Health
ClassificationFemale Libido Booster, Menopause Supplement
Guarantee67 Days Return. No Questions Asked.
Available in 3 helpful amounts:1 Box (30-Day Supply), 3 Boxes (90-Day Supply), 6 Boxes (180-Day Supply)
1 x Pack PriceUSD 59.95
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Customer Ratings4.7/5 on online stores
Brand ReputationWell-established (2001), trusted

How does Provestra work by increasing Libido and Decreasing Menopause?

Provestra contains a unique blend of licorice root, red raspberry leaf, black cohosh root, damiana leaf, and valerian root. When it is used as a daily supplement, the body can quickly absorb all of its ingredients and experience the sexual benefits it brings.

With regular use of the Provestra, more blood can flow to the vagina and the clitoris continues to experience intense levels of stimulation.

Even those who started the rumors about the Provestra scam cannot deny its ability to relax the body and substantially increase sexual appetite.

Only Provestra can provide you with safe, all-natural ingredients that work well in boosting sexual appetite and activating the brain’s pleasure centers.

  • While red raspberry leaf can regulate the contractions in the uterine, licorice root tones and strengthens the adrenal glands.
  • Damiana leaf acts as a powerful aphrodisiac and black cohosh regulates vaginal and uterine contractions.
  • Finally, Valerian root prepares your body for sexual intercourse by relaxing it and lessening the intensity of menstrual cramps.

Provestra and sexual dysfunction

At first, most people were very skeptical about the efficiency of sexual enhancement products. However, clinical studies have shown that some products can make sex more enjoyable for women suffering from sexual dysfunction.

Contrary to what the Provestra scam says, this product has an impressive success rate of 97%. Its affordable price tag as well as its 60-day money back guarantee also makes it seem like a great solution to the loss of libido and other distressing symptoms related to female sexual dysfunction.

The makers of Provestra believe that every woman deserves to enjoy a passionate and satisfying sex life. This motivated them to create a product that can lead to uninhibited sexual pleasure and easily achieved orgasms.

No matter how old you are, Provestra can dramatically boost your sexual desire by increasing vaginal lubrication, intensifying sexual sensations, and putting pleasurable orgasms within your reach. It is also endorsed by doctors who were able to discredit the Provestra scam as well as its false claims.

Formulation, Ingredients, and Supplementary Facts

Provestra: Supplement Facts

These are the supplemental facts found on the Provestra box label:

Indole-3 Carbinol35mg
Vitamin A2mg
Vitamin C10mg
Vitamin B1200mcg
Vitamin B2200mcg
Vitamin B33mg
Vitamin B6435mcg
Vitamin B1212mcg
Pantothenic Acid2mg
Calcium Carbonate38mg
Iron – Ferrous Gluconate12mg
Zinc Gluconate9mg
Korean Ginseng16mg
Ginkgo Biloba25mg
Damiana Leaf25mg
Black Cohosh25mg
Red Raspberry25mg
Licorice Root25mg
Ginger Root25mg
Valerian Root25mg
Kudzu Root25mg

Before talking about all the ingredients, you need to know the main ones:

  • L-Arginine: this amino acid is one of the very, very few naturally occurring acids that work for improving the sexual health of both men and women. This certain mineral plays a very important role in increasing blood flow to the extremities of the body, and that includes the woman’s vagina and clitoris.
  • Theobromine: Have you ever wondered why eating chocolate is so addicting? It is because it has Theobromine, which is a mild stimulant that can give you a burst of energy and awareness. Now imagine applying that stimulation to your sex life, and multiply it by a hundred. That is the effect that the Theo bromine in Provestra will have on you.
  • Indole-3-Carbinol: Excessive estrogen in the body can make a woman emotional, and being too emotional may lead to the way of being able to fully appreciate the sexual act. Indole-3-Carbinol is a naturally occurring chemical in vegetables like cabbage, broccoli, and the like, and it can greatly help your sex life because of its ability to stabilize your estrogen levels.
  • Ginseng: Ginseng has been used for more than 500 centuries in Asia as a way to increase libido. Aside from that, it also plays a key role in improving mental and physical performance.
  • Ginkgo Biloba: This may be a familiar ingredient in male enhancement formulas, but Provestra has this herb because it is not limited to just sexual enhancement for men but for women as well. It is responsible for increasing blood flow around the body and increasing sexual function. This herb is one of the main reasons that you will enjoy your sex life more when you use Provestra.

The blend of Provestra ingredients

The combination of Provestra ingredients will do wonders to sack sessions with your partner. The intensity of every sexual sensation will be amplified, so you will be aroused quickly. Vaginal lubrication won’t be a problem anymore and orgasms can finally be pleasurable again, just the way they should be. Even doctors choose Provestra over their typical over-the-counter medications these days.

Provestra ingredients, aphrodisiacs, and herbs that are packed with nutrients bring back the balance of the hormones in the female body that have been thrown off due to menopause, pregnancy, and an unhealthy lifestyle. Provestra will leave you with more energy not only for sex but for more things in life in general.

As a woman, you want to improve your intimate relations with your partner but are not at risk to your overall health. After all, the history of the female enhancement market has been filled with products that were either ineffective or unverified by health authorities.

Provestra ingredients are nature’s gifts to women that have been melded together to come up with a pill that brings back the vigor and vitality of womanhood.

As you will see below, Provestra’s ingredients are a balanced combination of hard-to-find herbs, amino acids, and familiar vitamins. Together, they combat the signs of withering female reproductive health.

  • L-Arginine, one of the most active ingredients in Provestra, is a complex amino acid that increases blood flow to the clitoris and vagina for faster arousal and improved sexual encounters.
  • Theobromine is the component in chocolate that gives you a burst of energy, minus the jittery sensation. It reduces blood pressure.
  • Indole-3-Carbinol (I3C) is a component found in vegetables that naturally balances out excess estrogen.
  • Ginseng, for the last 5000 years, has been known as a heavyweight aphrodisiac. It improves mental and physical health, immunity, and blood glucose levels. Ginseng also soothes the symptoms of menopause.
  • Ginkgo Biloba is popular for its ability to improve mental faculties but it also enhances sexual satisfaction by increasing blood flow.
  • Damiana leaf increases the sensitivity of the clitoris by bringing more oxygen to the genital area and increasing muscular contractions. Damiana leaf stabilizes female hormone levels, thereby reducing vaginal dryness and hot flashes. This wild shrub from Central America raises the frequency and intensity of orgasms.
  • Valerian root combats insomnia, one of the symptoms of menopause. As you can see, this batch of Provestra ingredients cannot be found in other female enhancement products.

Provestra is also filled with vitamins that are part of the nutritional daily intake.

  • Vitamin C protects the immune system and plays a big role in the synthesis of female reproductive hormones (androgen, estrogen, and progesterone). It’s also important in collagen-building, to increase the elasticity of skin and tissues.
  • Collagen is essential in keeping the vaginal skin and muscles strong and supple.
  • The B-complex vitamins are important in keeping stress at bay, the ultimate culprit in a lousy sex life.
  • Vitamin E, an antioxidant, fights free radicals and minimizes the toxic effects of estrogen surplus.
  • Calcium carbonate stimulates muscle contraction – which is very important during sex – and prevents osteoporosis.

The blend of Provestra ingredients proves that it is the gateway to a long-lasting and vibrant sex life with your partner. They’re all-natural ingredients so there are no Provestra side effects.  It doesn’t just address the problems of poor sexual performance; Provestra also targets the signs of deteriorating female health to restore the youth that once was there.

Women want sex just as much as men, and they surely deserve to enjoy it as well. With the regular intake of Provestra, all the things that ever got in the way of good sex in the past are going to be long gone.

A Woman’s Libido – Problems a Woman Faces When It Comes to Sexual Pleasure

Women, like men, can also be sexual creatures. They want and need sex as a way for them to reproduce, as well as to increase their overall health and well-being. A woman’s libido is just as important as any other needs of her body. It’s just as important as her need for food, friends, and emotional support.

This is why it is best to seek information about the problem that a woman is facing about her sexual drive. Such is the case when it comes to her hormonal changes, and most importantly, her ability to reach orgasm.

Hormonal Changes

The menstrual cycle is a woman’s active reproduction process. It is a critical part of a woman’s physiology and is the basis of her ability to bear a child, as well as to reach her sexual maturity.

When it comes to the case of her menstrual cycle, women face a lot of changes in their bodies that they cannot control. For one thing, her menstrual cycle can be a very hard process to endure every month, and it’s only fair to understand that there are days when a woman cannot perform sexually.

On the other hand, a woman also has some hormonal changes that she experiences during this cycle. It can be anywhere from a simple mood swing, to her lack of sexual desire. These changes are then translated into her likelihood to want to have sex and to have sex with her partner.

Not Reaching Orgasm

They sometimes say that a woman’s orgasm is a myth. Yet orgasm in women is a fact; it’s just that not a lot of women experience orgasm during intercourse.

Some women can still have sex even without going through orgasm. Unlike men, women often find themselves in a place where they ask if they have reached the peak of orgasm, or if they have just gone their way through it. In times like these, women find themselves depressed and are unable to further reach sexual pleasure.

When it comes to these problems with a woman’s libido, a simple solution such as Provestra is the only way to go. Provestra is a supplement designed to banish all of the problems of a woman’s sexual drive and to introduce a healthier and more sexual attitude.

Here are some of the benefits that can also be found with the use of Provestra.

Increases Sexual Pleasure

Women who often see themselves as just not sexual can take a good dose of Provestra. Provestra helps in increasing the sexual drive among women, most especially those women who have sexual partners and need a boost. It can also help other women have a better way of reciprocating the tell-tale signs of the need to have sex with their partners.

Helps Women Reach the Peak of Sexual Pleasure

It seems that when having sex, women can either have a great sexual experience or a very bad sexual encounter. In this case, Provestra works to make these bad sexual encounters go away by making the female reproductive system ready for intercourse.

Provestra increases lubrication in the vagina, which is an integral part when it comes to sexual performance.

Makes the Myth of Orgasms Become a Reality

Now, women who are having problems with reaching orgasm can say goodbye to their sexual problems. With Provestra, orgasm is now possible and achievable for women who would like to experience the most wonderful thing that sex can ever offer.

With Provestra, there are no more guessing games that need to be done to see if someone has reached orgasm or otherwise. You can feel the Provestra works because you can reach orgasm with your partner and your body will be ready to accept it.

With the fantastic formulation that is found in every pill of Provestra, you will surely come a long way and have the orgasm that you’ve been dreaming of.

My Verdict: Is Provestra a Good Choice for Boosting Libido and Reducing Menopause Symptoms?

Don’t believe the myth that female sexual performance is purely psychological. As a female, you can’t just talk yourself into increasing your sexual appetite. Age, stress, and other factors will take their toll on your body and your sex life. That’s why you need the help of a natural but powerful supplement like Provestra.

As you can see, Provestra is a completely safe and natural product that can change your sex life for the better. All of its ingredients were derived from years of research conducted by skilled scientists and bio-pharmacologists. It is safe to use as a daily supplement because it does not produce side effects whatsoever.

There is no truth in the Provestra scam or its allegations regarding this revolutionary sexual enhancement product.

Order Provestra Today

Now that you know that your sexual drive is important, and Provestra is the best solution to regain your sexual prowess, then waste no time ordering Provestra right now. Provestra is the only female supplement that can cater to your sexual needs and is one of the only few sexual enhancement supplements that can be used to your advantage.

Order now and get a 60-day return guarantee that comes with every purchase of Provestra. Of course, this is only on the slight chance that you may not enjoy Provestra. Nevertheless, you will find that Provestra can guarantee that you can reach the peak of your sexual prowess.

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